Portland ranks among “best educated” cities in US

According to the Oregon Employment Department’s latest report from Christian Kaylor, “among the largest 50 US cities Portland is the 6th best educated with 50% of adults having a 4 year college degree or more.

The city of Portland has enjoyed a rapid increase in the number of college graduates. In 2007, just 38% of Portland adults had a college degree, 10 points higher than the US at 28 percent. In 2016, 50% of Portland adults had a college degree, 19 points higher than the US as a whole.”

Another Pacific Northwest city, Seattle, is arguably the best educated city in the nation. The cities of San Francisco and Washington DC are fierce competitors. Portland falls in a “second tier” of the best educated US cities along with Raleigh, Atlanta and Denver, which are also top trending markets for multifamily investments right now.


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For more information, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department online.