Equity Repositioning

In recent years, multifamily assets have grown considerably in value. In the Pacific Northwest, prices have surpassed pre-Great Recession peak values across the board for all classes. This has resulted in many owners having significant underutilized equity in their buildings. Some owners choose to sell and redeploy their equity. Others prefer to hold their current property(s) and look to reposition their equity.

Equity Repositioning is the strategy of taking an equity rich asset base and repositioning those assets into a diversity of investment options. The idea is to refinance and reposition that capital. This strategy is aimed at earning a rate of return greater than the cost to borrow the funds, and also to build wealth through appreciation across a broader portfolio.

Our long-standing relationships in both the debt and equity markets allows us access to a diverse array of capital sources and, in concert with our expertise in underwriting and executing complex transactions, offers our clients a demonstrated track record of maximizing value and transaction terms, fine-tuned to reflect our client’s investment philosophy, risk/reward profile, size of investment, hold period and preferred leverage level.